About GiftKarte

About GiftKarte

GiftKarte is an online marketplace for digital / E-Gift Cards that transforms the way people give presents & gifts to their loved ones. It offers a variety of E-Gift Cards across various retail categories and for all celebratory occasions, that are redeemable at our ever-growing business partner outlets and retail stores across Pakistan. This technologically advanced portal, hence, makes the gifting process, convenient, hassle-free and joyful, both for the gift-giver and the gift recipient. Now with this portal, any occasion, be it birthday, anniversary, Eid, weddings, farewells, engagements or for that matter any occasion, spreading the joy of gifting to your loved ones, is just a few clicks away.

Why Us

GiftKarte portal makes the traditional gifting process convenient, modern and efficient and gives an opportunity to show love and care in a unique way to your loved ones.

Using our services offers variety of benefits – both to the gift giver and gift recipient. Some of which are:

We've made gifting easier

  • You avoid the painstaking ordeal of selecting the gifts, worrying about sizes & likeability, choosing colours etc.
  • You avoid the hassle & costs of packaging & delivering.
  • Your loved one can decide what & when to get the gift themselves.
  • Our extensive and growing network of partners stores throughout Pakistan in all sectors of the retail industry.

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